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  • 4oz sauce cup/60ml -Compostable Sugarcane cup
  • 4oz sauce cup/60ml -Compostable Sugarcane cup
  • 4oz sauce cup/60ml -Compostable Sugarcane cup
4oz sauce cup/60ml -Compostable Sugarcane cup4oz sauce cup/60ml -Compostable Sugarcane cup4oz sauce cup/60ml -Compostable Sugarcane cup

4oz sauce cup/60ml -Compostable Sugarcane cup

  • Product Item : 855040
  • Category: Paper cup products
  • Size:ф7.5*4.8 Weight:4.5g
  • Color: Natural/White
  • Raw Material: 100% Bagasse/Sugarcane
  • Package: 500pcs/bag, 40bags/Case, 2000pcs/Case;Case Size:390x350x310mm

IPackin cares the planet first so we are on the mission to help our our customers to achieve the green and low carbon transformation with innovative Food packaging. We get from the plants we grow,to the products we produce with advanced technology and equipments then they will be back to the plant again.

Our main products are molded fiber tableware, paper forming cutlery set, paper cups and straws, paper Bag and so on. We supply to restaurants, coffee & tea shops, bakery and Juice Shop. Our Dinnerware is 100% made from by bagasse, a by-product of sugarcane processing without plastic or wax Lining.

It can be commercially composted (no need to send it to a landfill). In addition, Our dinnerware is made with superior strength and won't break or crack under moderate pressure, So they are safe to use in Microwave and Freezer.

Lead-time will be 4 weeks after received your Official PO#.

FCL shipment and LCL shipment are acceptable. We do lots of consolidation shipments for our restaurant and food factory customers to save their cost and solve their certain items overstock issue.

Wish to enlarge your market together with our high-quality products with Competitive cost.